This Road Is Not Abrupt

Celebrating life…

   This Road Is Not Abrupt

Young and sweet she reminds me
Of so many young people that I have seen

Full of life and verve
Not jaded by all that has not yet occurred

Full and ready but still somewhat dismayed by the pending decisions

Demanded by life
In this time that is so rife

With change
Of grand implications and extensive range

I can remember those times
Of high excitement and wondrous worry in attempting to define

What I’m to be now that I’m to be grown up
In the midst of sipping from life’s overflowing cup

The question sparkles within her eyes
And here spirit flies

Upon the winds of this quest
The adventure that’s borne me all these years now confessed

No, this road is not abrupt
What will I do when I’m finally all grown up?


From   –   A Warrior’s Love: A Book of Love Poems