Twice Thought She’d Die

In the fight…

   Twice Thought She’d Die

The seatbelt saved her and then almost killed her
She was about in the middle of the bridge that day
And twice thought she’d die.   She landed safe then slid in the water

As water rushed in she had to find a way
Struggling with her seatbelt she found enough play

To get out
With the water coming in over her head
She climbed out and started to swim.   When she turned about

To look back she saw water instead
Of her car.   It had vanished
Sunk like lead

Battered and broken she made it shore and found rest
Lying on shore she called the man she would wed
A young woman stayed by her side talking lest

She panic or coma overtake her, or just to comfort her where she lay


From   –   Bridges Don’t Fall Down: Stories from the I35W Bridge Collapse

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