Built This Thing

Of responsibility and nobility…

   Built This Thing

Sometimes people do the right thing
After thirty five years it has been getting to be time to go
But what it seemed like most would do would only throw
Out all those that had helped him bring

His business thru all the rough years
The sacrifice
Not just

His alone. Dreams would have been dust
Without their lives
And tears

So now he has decided that the very thing
To do is just what’s right though many would not know
How. But his company will continue to grow
Because he’s left it to those that have built this thing


A tribute to Jim Dow, President of Diversified Plastics

Robert Cried

Of pain and sorrow in the struggle…

   Robert Cried

As Bruce drifted like a phantom through the countryside
He began to draw
More that had become outlaw
One such had come to him but came not to hide

Here his dear old friend the Lady Christian of Carrick
And with her she brought her men that were mounted
More than a dozen her gift

But too, she brought news against which Robert would have wished
‘Twas the tales of his family she recounted
And it made him sick

Now for the first time he heard the fate of Scotland’s pride
How brothers and friends were tortured and killed in the English maw
How his women and beloved were caged with beds of straw
For all of this Robert cried


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

Each New Dawn

Of life, love, struggle, and friendship…

   Each New Dawn

One more great man falls
As do all

No longer famous
But was among the bravest

Knowing him we knew it to be so
And thru the years his valor would only grow

Those of us that walk around ready to fight
For loved ones, duty, and for what’s right

And those with families that knew him knew his commitment
To be the best he could for those he loved and to be decent

His world champion fame and glory days long since gone
Each new dawn

He greeted as a warrior
No matter the trial or travail he was a fighter to the core

To the end
Those that knew him proud to call him friend


A tribute to Savannah Svatma Russell (Known in his fighting days as SAVANNAH JACK)

Minister and Politician

Of heroes…

   Minister and Politician

A minister and politician
But don’t think that means you know what he’s about
Not fighting for position or power leaves no doubt
His character’s that of a true patrician

In fighting for the people
He’s not abrasive
But rather

Attempts to gather
Opposing sides in cooperative
Efforts for all so that all reap well

Standing for the common good his ambition
Though now fighting ALS his resolve remains stout
This is what he is about
A people’s minister and politician


A tribute to Senator Gary Kubly