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Feeling the Fears

For the women in my life that keep on…

   Feeling the Fears

She wonders how she can go on
Fighting all the little demons

In her body
Wasn’t ready

For this awful test of courage
The fatigue and pain discourage

Mighty spirits
Grown to fear it

But courage’s not feeling no fears
It’s going on despite the tears

That cloud the eye
Wiping them dry

She picks herself up and strides forth
Not knowing how, only of course

For the loved ones
She can’t be done

So she stands yet another day
And will yet again come what may

Until she mends
Or til the end


From   –   A Warrior’s Tears: Poems of Pain   (aWIP)

Stands Ready

Of love and commitment…

   Stands Ready

A father watches
And stands ready to battle
Strife the kid catches


From   –   A Warrior’s Battles: Poems of Struggle   (aWIP)

Seven Was Enough

Contemplating struggle…

Excerpted from   –   Seven Was Enough

In legend, Robert lay restless in a cave
Taken with grief
At the horrors beyond belief
He’d brought to family and friends that led to their graves

He pondered giving it up
Of sailing off to the holy land
But at that moment espied a spider

Struggling to reach the wall while he lay there
Six times it was that it failed…


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

A Little Girl’s Life

Doing the right thing…

   A Little Girl’s Life

A hero acts now
And saves a little girl’s life
He broke the rules how?


He knows who he is…

Now But A Slender Strand

Decisions and responsibility…

Excerpted from   –   Now But a Slender Strand

…Back was their lone hope

That he might make time for the escape of his injured
On the trail that was now but a slender strand
The pursuing band
Was by the Bruce’s own blade deterred


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

A Difficult Job

Contemplating public service…

   A Difficult Job

Curse the IRS?
Doing a difficult job
And mainly righteous


From   –   Straight Thru the Curves: A Book of Haiku   (aWIP)

Few Got Away

Victory, glory, and defeat…

Excerpted from   –   Few Got Away

The Scots under Wallace
Were spotted in the wood near Falkirk awaiting the English
Edward was trampled by his horse but despite two broken ribs
Mounted this same steed ready to see who would live

The Scots arrayed themselves on the slope
Prepared to meet the foe
English cavalry overran the Scots archers
Then history turned on astonishing departures

Edward’s cavalry charged…


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

Back At Their Place

Love of life and the struggle…

   Back At Their House

The desert sun warms my face
Shambling upward on the trail
My lungs strain a little in the thin air. I wonder if I look pale
Getting down a race

With how long my wind will last
Our folks keep striding
He talks

And walks
She’s almost gliding
Can’t show it but feeling gassed

Determined to match their pace
Wondering how I got so frail
Blaming it on the altitude I pass it off refusing to fail
Wishing me back at their place


No Asking Why

Regarding heroism…

Excerpted from   –   No Asking Why

…Then thinking he might be ok he got out to prove
That he still could and stepped out into bedlam
Get away before more concrete rained

But hearing screams crossed the bridge hoping to find a way
To save the children in the bus from falling
Further.   There was no stalling
And no asking why


From   –   Bridges Don’t Fall Down: Stories from the I35W Bridge Collapse

A Hero None the Less

Regarding fear, courage, and heroes…

   A Hero None the Less

And in our most hallowed halls is where he is found
Fighting with passion loving his land
Under loads that would strike many down
Always he’s given more than duty demands
At the powerful it’s fun he pokes
Including himself to our delight
Never far from a smile or a light hearted joke
Even when it’s for his death his enemies hoped


From   –   A Warrior’s Love: A Book of Love Poems