The House of Canmore

Contemplating History…

   The House of Canmore

When Robert was young Alexander III was king
Scotland was at peace
With the security and wealth that can bring

The house of Canmore had ruled for some two hundred years
But without an heir in sight this line might cease
Robert the Competitor had been chosen to steer

As King Alexander’s father’s successor
To the crown
But when that king remarried under pressure

Alexander was born as the royal heir
Now he also cast around
For candidates but he too remarried fair

Lusty as he was
The realm expected heirs soon
But the kingdom’s hope vanished one day because

Of King Alexander’s penchant to do as he’d wish
On a whim he rode out from Edinburgh.   On a night dark with no moon
Riding the coast road in a storm’s howling hiss

Fell from the cliffs to his doom


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King