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Sing-Song Of Whales

Contemplating perspective…

   Sing-Song Of Whales

Seas subtle and blunt
The sing-song of whales echo
Submariners hunt


From   –   Short Thoughts: A Book Of Haiku   (aWIP)

Cause Of Such

Contemplating the nature of duty…

   Cause of Such

It’s words like duty
The cause of such abhorrence
Honor and beauty


From   –   Straight Thru the Curves: A Book of Haiku   (aWIP)

Seven Was Enough

Contemplating struggle…

Excerpted from   –   Seven Was Enough

In legend, Robert lay restless in a cave
Taken with grief
At the horrors beyond belief
He’d brought to family and friends that led to their graves

He pondered giving it up
Of sailing off to the holy land
But at that moment espied a spider

Struggling to reach the wall while he lay there
Six times it was that it failed…


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

Now But A Slender Strand

Decisions and responsibility…

Excerpted from   –   Now But a Slender Strand

…Back was their lone hope

That he might make time for the escape of his injured
On the trail that was now but a slender strand
The pursuing band
Was by the Bruce’s own blade deterred


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

Few Got Away

Victory, glory, and defeat…

Excerpted from   –   Few Got Away

The Scots under Wallace
Were spotted in the wood near Falkirk awaiting the English
Edward was trampled by his horse but despite two broken ribs
Mounted this same steed ready to see who would live

The Scots arrayed themselves on the slope
Prepared to meet the foe
English cavalry overran the Scots archers
Then history turned on astonishing departures

Edward’s cavalry charged…


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

Bridges Don’t Fall Down

Contemplating looking in the mirror…

Excerpted from   –   Bridges Don’t Fall Down

Bridges don’t fall down
Not here in the U.S.A.
What can those in government possibly say
Though this make them frown

Well good
They should look at themselves hard
And should not in the least think to spare the rod

Upon themselves…


From   –   Bridges Don’t Fall Down: Stories from the I35W Bridge Collapse

The End of All

Contemplating fear, panic, and mass hysteria…   On the other hand…

   The End of All

Such hype and concern
The end of all but once more
The world did not burn


Poking fun at the end of the world…   Once more…   On the other hand…

Governor of Carlisle

Duty and the fight…

Excerpted from…   Governor of Carlisle

Robert the Elder and Lord of Annandale
Received the command
From Edward, King of England
To repulse the Scots.   And so he did when they assailed

The great castle at Carlisle
The two John Comyns
Earl of Buchan and the Lord of Badenoch

With six more earls brought
An army to those walls and tried to storm in
But the Elder with his men held tenaciously while…


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King

The House of Canmore

Contemplating History…

   The House of Canmore

When Robert was young Alexander III was king
Scotland was at peace
With the security and wealth that can bring

The house of Canmore had ruled for some two hundred years
But without an heir in sight this line might cease
Robert the Competitor had been chosen to steer

As King Alexander’s father’s successor
To the crown
But when that king remarried under pressure

Alexander was born as the royal heir
Now he also cast around
For candidates but he too remarried fair

Lusty as he was
The realm expected heirs soon
But the kingdom’s hope vanished one day because

Of King Alexander’s penchant to do as he’d wish
On a whim he rode out from Edinburgh.   On a night dark with no moon
Riding the coast road in a storm’s howling hiss

Fell from the cliffs to his doom


From   –   Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King